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HI, how can i upgrade my plan to the 500mb free plan? my current plan is 200mb. thank you


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    You are on the Global access network.
    To connect to the Sprint network to obtain the 500 MB FREE, you will need either a FreodmPop Phone or a BYOD phone. Both are Sprint based phones. Oh and you can continue with the Global SIM account that you have now. Now you have two FREE accounts.

    With both accounts, you can add 10 Freedom Friends to gain 10x 50 MB monthly. So then it's 1,000 MB and 700 MB monthly for those two accounts.
    Based off of the popular Freedom Friends connect group on FaceBook, Ali decided to create a Freedom Friends group here where everything is localized!

    If you'd like to connect with 10 other users to earn a 500MB bonus monthly and increase your free data, or if you have extra data that you don't want to waste, or if you simply are data hungry and need more without being charged for it, this group is for you! Now you can connect with other users and if you have any extra data or need extra data, you can send your requests through! *that rhymed*

    You can find more information by joining the group itself over at:

    *Be advised that this group is join request only so you won't be able to see other email addresses without joining the group first. This was implemented to prevent spam and robots so that you won't worry about getting millions of emails advertising a free cruise you have to pay $5,000 for. Violating the Forum ToS or doing anything unethical in the group will get you "kicked" effectively barring you from group privileges.
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