Account Suspended for exceeding data (But didn't)

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My mom's account has been suspended for exceeding data but she still has 480MB remaining. I have enabled auto-top up on her account in order to fix the problem but it remains suspended. I tried to turn auto-top up back off and it will not disable no matter how many times I try to get it to turn off. There is a red error in the Messenger app that says Account Error. She is unable to make calls. She has 185 minutes, 455 texts and 480MB remaining but it says Account not active. You have used up the data for this period or have unpaid overage. it says it is status code 300. I have submit a trouble ticket #161021-000527 but decided to post here as well since you guys are awesome and help me a lot.

I've disabled the Messenger app
cleared it's cache
uninstalled it
re-installed it to the latest update
re-activated the device and did a PRL update.

none of this has fixed the problem. when making a phone call it says the account is suspended.

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