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I have a ZTE Zmax 2 from AT&A. It is unlocked and with Android 5.1. After joinging FreedomPop several weeks ago, I haven't been able to make call or get online unless I turn on Wifi. If Wifi is off, I always gets "Network Not Available". Meanwhile, I live in Cincinnati area which should have very good FreedomPop signal. Lastly, the phone shows full strength 4G signal on the top bar. Can someone help me out? Thanks!


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    Here are my notes on setting up Global SIM on GSM phone
    GSM SIM setup consists of these steps:
    You must have an unlocked GSM device using Android 4+ or iOS 7+ Operating System. Must accept Std, Micro, or Nano SIM size. Older Android versions can be used (2.3+) but will require a special download for the FreedomPop App. [I have expanded notes for steps 3-5 if desired]

    1. Put in the GSM SIM,
    2. Make sure you are on GSM network type
    3. Set up the APN (whatever name you want, like FreedomPop and APN -, no other settings required). If you don't know where the APN settings are, please check here for that information:
    4. Check the FreedomPop APN is selected
    5. Turn on data roaming and mobile data
    6. Search for carriers and select your FreedomPop carrier (ignore Sprint and Verizon). You should see two others. They are AT&T and T-mobile. On Android devices, you can use the SignalCheck Lite to know which is which.

    Turn OFF WiFi and turn ON mobile data. Internet should be working at this point. Can prove it by Googling in browser. Get any search results, you have internet via mobile data !

    Next, please download and install the FreedomPop App:
    Android App
    iPhone App

    Launch the App and use your FreedomPop email and password to login. The first time, you may be asked to pick a phone number. Once that is done, make a test call. Now you are done. The App should integrate with the native dialer (on Android only) after you make a few calls and restart the phone, so that you will be able to use the phone's Contact App and native dialer to make calls. You always have to use the FreedomPop App for texting. For iPhone, you always need to use the FreedomPop App for calls and texts.

    I hope this gets things set up for you. If not, let me know what is going on in as much detail as possible and I will see what can be done. Please let me know the make, model, and Operating System of the phone you're using. Thanks.

    The SIM is in and the APN is set. Roaming is enabled. No service.
    For Android 4.4--------------
    Settings-> more networks->Mobile networks -> mobile data - enabled
    Settings-> more networks->Mobile networks -> Network Mode - GSM
    Settings-> more networks->Mobile networks -> Access point names - (whatever name you set) - selected
    Settings-> more networks->Mobile networks -> System select - try both until you see the carriers listed.

    You must be in an area with good GSM signal from AT&T or T-Mobile

    Please advise what Android version if these do not help. I only use 4.4.
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    Thank you so much! Truly appreciated!

    My problem is that I ddin't have proper APN setup. Once I changed the APN according to your instruction, both call and data service started working without wifi connection on.

    This is great! I have seen many other people mentioned about similar problem I experienced, I am sure your post will help them big time as well.

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    Great to hear of your success !
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