Your request for me to confirm my email address for BYOD discussion

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Confirm My Email Address:

You send me an email to confirm my email address using the above link. I click it. The response I got tells me:
Confirm Email
We couldn't confirm your email. Check the link in the email we sent you or try sending another confirmation email.
To send another confirmation email click here.
How can I check the link in the email you sent? Doesn't make sense. So I try to send another confirmation and here is what I get:
Confirm Email
Your email doesn't need confirmation.
Now I am thoroughly confused and don't know if the email has really been confirmed or not. But just to let you know-I got it at [email protected]

By the way, your website is confusing. Everywhere I go, I have to sign in. And it never likes my sign in. In places it saids to sign in with your username and password, and the box for the name very clearly specifies email address. I put in my email address and it is rejected-they want my username. So I put in my username, and it is rejected; they want me to add @ and This must be corrected PDQ.
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