Why doesn't my phone always receive calls?

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Sometimes, phone calls come through to my phone (Samsung Galaxy S6), but other times, my phone doesn't ring, even though it is on and not on mute or in airplane mode. The caller is instead redirected to my voice mail without reaching me first. I am usually alerted to the voice message a minute or so later. However, I would prefer to answer the calls when they come.

Why does this happen? Again, the phone is on, not muted, not in airplane mode, and not on another call. Also, my phone is receiving WiFi, but if, for some reason it's not, why doesn't it temporary switch over to LTE and continue to receive calls? If there is a potential problem with WiFi in my house, how can I improve it? Is it a problem with the phone itself?

Any help is appreciated, although simple, inexpensive solutions are preferred.
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  • Jerome  FalatkoJerome Falatko Posts: 2FreedomPop Newbie
    experiencing what seems to be the same issue.
    I believe that WIFI turned "ON" (on the phone) often causes inbound calls to FAIL to be received. I suspect that this occurs when the phone detects nearby routers, but cannot obtain an IP address. In such cases, the phone seems to ignore any "Sprint tower IP data connection", and in doing so does not allow the phone to ring (for the incoming call).

    Turning the phone's WIFI completely OFF seems to allow inbound calls to come thru.
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