New Sim- how it works

Larry LyonsLarry Lyons Posts: 4FreedomPop Newbie
I've recently received a Freedompop SIM card. The data works well. Is the phone and texting set up to only work with the freedom pop app. I tried the phone without the app and roaming on and it tries to use At&t network.


  • StellarNovaStellarNova Posts: 3FreedomPop Newbie
    For GSM global SIM cards, you have to use the app. The calling part is VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) which requires data as the connectivity that you have via AT&T is data only.

    Think of it as being the same as Vonage or MagicJack with an internet provider, only for mobile with cell towers instead of only WiFi.

    AT&T is the data ISP. (Internet service provider.)
    Your SIM and BYOD phone are the device you use to connect to the ISP.
    The app is how they connect the VOIP service over data only.

    It is somewhat different with the CDMA phones.

    Without it you can browse and use data, just no text or call connectivity if the app is not active. The app is the VOIP control.

    Depending upon your data allotment, you'll want to be aware of that. The data used for messaging and text does not count toward your data use. Everything else does, so watch out for apps running in the background or heavy data use apps like streaming services.

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