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I recently purchased a Moto E with premium service from Freedompop. The phone I received was faulty as it turned off by itself three times. For the first two times, I was eventually able to turn the phone back on. But I wasn't able to the third time. Freedompop support suggested an exchange. After 14 to 20 days, I finally received the second phone. The loudspeaker didn't work on this phone. Support suggested an exchange. Twice, I was told that the wait for a new phone to arrive would be short as all they needed was a tracking number to ship the new phone. However, today, I learned that this wasn't the case. I first need to wait for Freedompop to receive the faulty phone before they send me the new phone. So, I am stuck waiting another 14 to 20 days. In the meantime, I downgraded to $0.00 per month as it would make no sense to pay for a monthly service without having a phone to use it with.

I had high hopes for Freedompop. But those hopes are quickly fading. I wanted my elderly mother to get a Freedompop phone as she could benefit from their services as she is on a fixed income. However, she has been turned off to Freedompop as she sees what I am experiencing with them.

Is this normal behavior for Freedompop or is this unusual? Is anyone experiencing something similar with Freedompop? Does any one have an suggestions/alternatives for me regarding Freedompop services? Thanks.
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