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EL AngelEL Angel Posts: 3FreedomPop Newbie
I'm a new FreedomPop service user and I am a little confused with how the service works and the settings I should have on my iPhone 4s. I recently downgraded my service to the Basic 200 and kept the FreedomPop Premium Plus service, and everything appears to be working ok. My questions are:

(1) While at home, do I need to have BOTH the WiFi and the Cellular data turned ON all the time in my iPhone settings?...and how about when I'm on the road?

(2) Will I still receive Phone Calls, Text, Voicemail and MMS if I turn OFF the WiFi on my phone while traveling?

(3) Which of these services will OR will not work with Cellular Data turned OFF while on the road?

I'm hoping someone from FreedomPop support or a knowledgeable forum member will read this post and help answer these questions. Thanks.

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  • Karen MunsellKaren Munsell Posts: 13FreedomPop Newbie
    @njfulwider5 I do not understand this comment "Yes, your phone uses both WiFi and Data to make and receive calls". Do you mean at the same time? So whether you are on wifi or not you will always use data? Why is it different than other services, is it not using cell towers to make and receive calls and texts. and if on wifi shouldn't it only go through that to go on line. Please direct me where I can read more about this service and understand it better. I have been reading a ton and still have yet to understand how it works. Thanks for your help.
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