Ability to get a GV number using FP number

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I was wondering if anyone could confirm my suspicion that by only having verified my FP phone number, GV errs when I try to get a GV number. I can verify and everything fine, but when I choose a number I get the same unspecified error continuously. Since I have done this successfully when I had a t-mobile number, and seeing FP is treated differently by GV. I'm guessing I can't get a new number with only my FP one verified. The problem is that my FP number is the only number I have now. If this is the case could someone confirm this? Also, if so, would anyone have any suggestion on how to get a usable number that doesn't involve me awkwardly asking people if I could temporarily borrow their phones long enough to verify it as my forwarding number, and I would then promise to remove it? This is kind of lame because I don't want the forwarding, I just want my phone with a FP sim to use a GV number for hangouts. I need a GV number, though, and the tutorials I see here mostly involve already having one.


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    So, I'll reply to my own post, lol. Multiple attempts to get a GV number via having confirmed my FP number failed. I could add and verify the phone fine, every time, but upon selecting a GV number it repeatedly failed with a generic error message. I borrowed a phone on a traditional cell carrier, used it to confirm the number, and managed to get a GV number without an issue. I then deleted the phone I had borrowed from GV settings and have my FP phone linked to it. My conclusion is using FP with GV is great, but you won't be able to get a GV number if you only link it to a FP phone/sim, or any thing it identifies as VOIP. This has not always been the case, but it seems to be now. Possible work-arounds other than using/borrowing another phone are SIP and DID setups, and possibly finding a pay-phone that can receive callbacks from the number (often must be found through caller ID after using it to call your personal phone). I've tried several apps which give free numbers, but the results of using them have so far been identical to using the FP number, repeated failure upon selecting a GV number. I am just answering my own question in case anyone else with this problem browses this forum for info about it. This kind of sucks, but I understand Google's polities are aimed at cutting down abuse, although I do wish there were some other means of verifying people who wish to use their services legitimately.
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    same experience:)
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    I already had a google voice number but I just could not port my freedompop number to google voice. During the verification process, GV call my freedompop number and I picked up tried many many times to key in the 2 digits verification codes but none worked so far. I also tried the tone generator but that dont work either. So what now ?
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    I missed this months ago, but I can't really offer advice on things I haven't done. I've read a bit of this forum over a couple years and have seen issues with google and number press tones a few times. I'm far too late to address kockat177, but if anyone else has this problem, a workaround that has helped for some people is rather untechnical. If you have a different phone nearby, this may or may not work, put the mouthpiece of the phone you want to use by the speaker of the other phone and press the numbers on the other phone. If the tone registering is the problem then this may get around it, but if google has issues with porting VOIP numbers (never used to, but they change policies a bit in the name of preventing abuse) then no matter what is done it simply may not work.
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