Can an unlocked GSM phone be used with Freedompop SIM?

ohayaohaya Posts: 7FreedomPop Newbie
I got a Freedompop SIM to try it out, and am using it with an unlocked phone that I just got, a RAMOS MOS1 Max.

I got the SIM activated tonight, and I manually added the FreedomPop APN, but after that I can't get it to work, either for voice or data.

So I was thinking about it afterwards: This phone is, I believe, a GSM phone, but isn't the network that Freedompop uses WIMAX or CDMA?

Will I be able to get my phone working on Freedompop (voice AND data)?



  • perdakotperdakot Posts: 31FreedomPop Newbie
    I have an unlocked GSM phone working with a GSM global sim. If you have a CDMA sim, you will need an unlocked CDMA phone, you will also have to activate it.
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