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Account not active

canarychildcanarychild Posts: 8FreedomPop Newbie
I have a global SIM card that has been working fine (phone number XXX-XXX-6226). I then purchased a second SIM card on the same account, and it arrived today. It was assigned phone number XXX-XXX-5553. I am using an iPhone 4S. When I log into the FP app, it displays the phone number for my original SIM card (6226). I have logged out of the app, rebooted the phone once with the SIM card in and once with the SIM card out, rebooted after logging in...every one of these combinations. When I am on Wifi, I am able to make calls, but with the wrong phone number (6226). I cannot get the phone to either recognize that the SIM card has phone number 5553, and it also doesn't seem to think that it is registered. When logged in on a computer to freedompop.com under phone 5553, I have a blue bar across the top of the screen (not red). I'm not sure what is wrong here. Can someone help activate my 5553 SIM card or help me figure out how to make it be recognized on my phone? Thanks!


  • canarychildcanarychild Posts: 8FreedomPop Newbie
    I figured out that the problem was that I did not set up the APN correctly. This problem is resolved.
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