Strong Network signal, no connection to data, voice or text

Annimal76Annimal76 Posts: 2FreedomPop Newbie
I have an unlocked Samsung S4. I can message and call on wi-fi, but even with a strong network signal I get nothing. I tried a soft reset and got the error message 'connection problem or invalid MMI Code' Any suggestions on what to try next??


  • ohayaohaya Posts: 7FreedomPop Newbie

    I just started using Freedompop, so still new, but have you installed the "Freedompop Messaging" application from Google Play?

    I think that do do messaging and phone calls using Freedompop, you have to dial using the dialer in the Freedompop Messaging app and for messaging you also have to use the Freedompop Message app.

    Also the above assumes that you have a data connection working, and to do that you have to have or Add an APN for Freedompop with an "APN" with "" or something like that.

    I kind of got the steps backwards, i.e., you have to get data with freedompop working first and then after that you have to install the Messaging app and you use the app for voice calls and for text messaging.
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