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Some of the common questions for iPhone repair

RootmiRootmi Posts: 12FreedomPop Newbie
Many friends will meet iPhone hardware problems, but do not know how to deal with, such as WIFI problems, screen replacements problems, battery problems, etc., now let professional iPhone parts wholesale suppliers answer some of the common questions, Some help and reference:

Q: Home button is not insensitive, how to solve the problem except change?
A: Use alcohol to clean the home key electric shock, no need to change.

Q: Can not be charged in the boot state, can only be turned off to charge, connected to the computer can also be charged. Excluding charger and data lines. what's the problem?
A: Replace the tail plug, or use the tweezers a little cotton, dipped in alcohol to clean up the tail plug, ensure OK, repair a lot of this.

Q: Wireless is easy to bad! I heard there are high-temperature WIFI chip and normal type!
A: Is the same, install the WIFI module, with the air gun temperature of 370 degrees, so there is no damage to the module problem, usually because of Weld, because the WIFI module is not sealed plastic.

Q: After fell, the iPhone signal is not good, that is, in the same room same location, before is full grid, now generally only three cells. But in general outdoors full grid. Except the motherboard, other screen box all changed, the signal also not good, why?
A: The wreck of the heavier machines, there may be a lot of failure, check the battery next to the card deck is not a solid antenna installed, fixed antenna card is small but useful, usually repairer are too lazy to install that card.

Q: On the boot white apple, and sometimes can into the system, and sometimes not. Brush system many times also this case, should be a hardware problem? Light fall! Thank you!
A: The software problem, it is not a good judge, if there are relatively large hardware problems, Brush will be error, 4S is the case, if it is 5, small problems are likely to cause no boot, Brush error.

Q: How to install iPhone **** without leaving any traces?
A: 1, screwdriver to withstand the ****, the **** on the key with the top, not ****.
2, screwdriver head put on plastic bags, go **** again, leaving no trace.

Q: Lock screen key is bad before, and then to change the inside of a small thing, the lock screen key feeling is change
A: A small black yellow tape insulation gasket on key contacts, it should be repaired when the repairer may not give you a good repair or substitute with something else, the feeling will be bad of course.
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