A Positive Review

RGB9000RGB9000 Posts: 4FreedomPop Newbie
I see a lot of people posting negative reviews, and it actually surprises me. I've had a great experience with Freedompop since I started using the service in April. There have been very minor hiccups along the way, but at this point I'm very very pleased with what I get and the price I pay. I started off by bringing my own phone and using the 100% free option as a trial, and was impressed with what I could do so started paying the 8$/mo for the "VIP" services that I largely don't use, just to show FP some love and support :)
I've also referred one friend, although that process could have gone smoother.. that was one of the small hiccups, heh.
My needs are modest, and I do almost all my data-gobbling stuff on Wifi (YouTube, browsing, etc) so I've never come close to the data limit, and I use hangouts for voice calls when I'm at home, so this fills the need of data and voice on the go perfectly.
I did have to call support once, and the hold time was long but the person I talked to got me all fixed up.
I think there are a lot of bad reviews because the silent majority like the service and it works for them, so they don't think about posting anything here unless something goes wrong.
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