How to replace iPhone 5s screen

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Rootmi is a leading wholesale mobile phone replacement parts supplier, let us tell you about how to replace iPhone 5s screen.

First, separate the iPhone 5s screen assembly and the phone body
1. Power off and remove the card slot. If the customer bought back cover, please removed protection shell to take card slot.
2. The **** out two near the cable socket ****. Small five-pointed star ****, need professional screwdriver to open
3. Open the phone screen
Method 1, while the screen is not particularly powerful broken, you can use sucker **** out of the screen
Pull the suction cup, to mention the screen, while lifting the edge of the screen and the fuselage. If necessary, you can stick a layer of strong transparent plastic on the screen. The suction cup is slightly moistened with water.

Method 2, with a knife and pry bar tool to pry open the LCD screen
When the screen is broken too much, the method does not work, we can use a knife and pry bar to separate the screen. Only to start the screen and the body of the gap is very small, do not force the knife and pry bar into the gap,
Because it is easy to break the blade, scratch the phone body, and even lead to frame deformation. The correct approach is: with a knife biting the edge of the screen, like pulling the screen slowly pull up the same. To be pulled out of the gap can be put down when the pry bar, then pry bar separation screen.

Unscrew the **** that secure the flex cables, and take small pieces of iron. Set the home key cable. Unscrew the **** to secure the home key, hidden in the cable below, set off after the cable can be seen, take the iron key fixed Home button. Slowly remove the home key. Home keys and Home key cable below the plastic, when we carefully removed, slowly demolished, you can use pry bar pry about, not brute force tear.

B, remove the screen assembly behind the iron and front camera components. The flex cable of the front camera and the iron plate on the back of the screen are stuck together with the adhesive tape. There is no need for separation, so we remove them together to remove the two fixed handset **** and take the handset cover and remove the iPhone 5s glass lens. Remove the 5 **** securing the large iron plate. Slowly pry the camera module, pry the iron, the iron and the camera together from the old screen separated from the assembly, the location of these small parts must be in place. Otherwise will not be installed.
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