Global SIM card causes unlocked device to prompt "enter sim network unlock pin" I can't find support

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I have looked all over the support and forums and can't find an answer re: where to find the pin number to unlock the SIM. There is nothing on the envelope or materials that came with the SIM that displays a SIM pin number for this SIM card. I've used FreedomPop SIMs before and never had this problem. Please help! Thank you


  • RHPRHP Posts: 7FreedomPop Newbie
    One thing I've learned the hard way, when the device prompts you to "enter SIM network unlock PIN" do NOT enter the number that's printed on the back of the card that you punch the SIM out of; that was rejected, and now I only have 9 more tries to enter the correct PIN (someone told me that the device will be permanently locked if I use up all 10 tries.) That's why I need someone from FreedomPop to tell me what the PIN number is. Thank you!
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    That is the unlock code to change a phone from locked to ONE carrier to unlocked. Any carrier with working signals in area will work with log in credentials.

    Unlock methods:
    AT&T -
    T-Mobile - Call the regular customer care number. If the process takes more than 2 business days, they need to give you a specific reason (not merely speculation) for the delay.
    Verizon - all unlocked

    The AT&T site says if the phone is capable to work on their GSM network, they are able to unlock it, if criteria are met. Even phones never having an account with AT&T may be unlocked by them, it says.

    Can search eBay "unlock brand modelname" and there are many sellers. Look for ones that send unlock code via email and have over 98% good reputation. Only then pick on price.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.
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    Rich, AT&T already approved the unlock (crazy fast, for ATT), I entered the *correct* unlock code, and the device unlocked with no issue. I had to remove and reset the SIM a few times and restart before the device finally recognized the SIM, but the device now says FreedomPop 4g , shows 3 bars of service, and I was able to successfully send a text message to a phone. So it's all working well now. Thank you so much.
  • RHPRHP Posts: 7FreedomPop Newbie
    It's an ATT tablet that I bought on Amazon, so they should be willing to unlock the device. I called them and they said it *should* be unlocked within 2 days. We'll see :-) Thanks so much for the advice Rich, I really appreciate it.
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