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dk64dk64 Posts: 1FreedomPop Newbie
Last week I received two Global SIM cards voice & data which I have been testing on an Apple iPhone 7 (AT&T version, unlocked) and a ZTE Axon 7 Mini. I am located in north east USA, New York tristate area. Here are some observations...

Appears to connect to the T-Mobile network. The ZTE claims 4G but the iPhone claims 3G. Based on speedtest it feels more like 3G. 2-4Mbps down, 0.5-2Mbps up (ZTE consistently ~500Kbps, iPhone usually 1-2Mbps).

Need to enter APN for foggmobile in both devices... the SIM defaulted to three.co.uk which does not work. It appears that all data traffic routes through foggmobile. Foggmobile is based in the UK, the external IP address issued to my device geo locates to the UK. Google and Yahoo both route me to their UK home pages not their US home pages. Speedtest on my iPhone with location services disabled locates a server in London rather than New York.

Latency is horrible... over 400-500ms pings to servers that are "local" to me in the north east. Not surprising given everything routing through the UK.

Voice service over WiFi is perfectly acceptable. Voice service over cellular is very variable. Sometimes fantastic, other times totally unuseable. Calls may connect but then either no audio (in either direction) or huge latency and poor quality. But then sometimes it connects and the quality is great. I suspect that sometimes voice packets are getting sent all the way to the UK and back again and sometimes a shorter path is found. Calls between my two FreedomPop numbers are either horrible or fantastic. I suspect that if both devices are on the same "local" network and can discover each other then voice packets are routed directly.

I obtained these SIMs mainly for international travel. I'll be in Europe next month and will see how things go there. For the price the data service can't be beat and the performance is okay. Too soon to tell about voice and I have not tried texting. iPhone solution feels more robust and better integrated than Android (on my ZTE).

Best thing FreedomPop could do is have local APN servers so that all traffic is not routed through the UK. I suspect this would improve the experience (here in the USA) a lot.

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