Red bar on account, phone won't work.

Katherine HarvestKatherine Harvest Posts: 5FreedomPop Newbie

Currently when I log into the FreedomPop website there's an odd red bar at the top. My phone returns an "Error 407" when I try to do an Update Profile or an Update PRL. The MyFreedomPop app says my account is suspended and the FreedomPop Messaging app says my device is inactive and that I should contact technical support.

I contacted support and they offered to send me a replacement SIM, however my device is a Samsung S3 which actually has a built in SIM that cannot be replaced. Additionally I'm under the impression that the SIM card is only related to the 4G/LTE service and that even if there was an error with the SIM, I'd still be able to get 2G and 3G service. So I think the rep I was assigned to misdiagnosed the problem.

Could someone else possibly help me?

Thank you.
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