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I downloaded Google Voice application from Google Store to my Android smartphone. When registering, it asked my phone number. So I entered the US phone number assigned to my SIM card by Freedompop. But I got an error message indicating that the entered mobile number was invalid. I tried another Google Store application. When it asked for my phone number, it showed the default country as "United Kingdom" and I could not change it to "United States". I noticed that my SIM card showed "3 UK". Were the problems caused by the SIM card because it was issued by a UK operator?


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    I'm having a similar problem trying to log onto Lyft app. It says my number is invalid. From what I've read it seems FreedomPop's numbers are VOIP numbers(kind of like a Skype number) and are not in databases of legitimate phone numbers. I've learned that you can port your old phone number from another mainstream carrier but I don't have one. Can anyone help us on a way around this? I've been told you can sometimes get a hold of the company of the app and ask them to whitelist your number but I couldn't get Lyft to do this. Any way to buy a number from FreedomPop that won't be seen as VOIP?
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    This is 'advice' for Whatsapp when they have similar problem with number. Possibly this suggestion may work for Lyft and others too.

    Freedompop's phone number initially would not work on the app. Members are finding out if you call or email and ask, they will white-list the phone number so you can add it. here is the email>>>(mailto:[email protected]) and here is the home page for the number>>>

    They might complain that Freedompop uses a VOIP number. Just make sure to explain how Freedompop works over the Cellular phone Network. Sometimes they can be a pain to deal with, but they will white-list the number. I have seen other member do this and get their app working with the Freedompop Number. It also depends on who you talk to down there. Sometimes you get a Rep, that just won’t whitelist the app and sometimes, you get one that does it quickly. I kept trying till I got a friendly rep. It is 100% up to the company to whitelist the number so you can use the app. But I have seen them do it.
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