Advice on Samsung Galaxy S 5 model (also touching on Pokemon Go and Verizon)?

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I previously had a FreedomPop Samsung Galaxy S III, so I know about using FreedomPop. It was great for me since I just make a few calls and texts per week and my data use was always fairly low, usually just 350 MB or so per month. I got a smart phone mainly for playing Ingress and email, and then also played Pokemon Go. So, until a few months ago, FreedomPop worked great for me once I add Premium Voice and Voice Mail. But then Pokemon Go now does checking for something (I've heard both rooting and custom ROM) and Pokemon Go will no longer run on the phone, and from what I'm reading, it won't work on any FreedomPop-supplied phone (is that true?).

As "luck" would have, the phone got dropped recently from just a few feet, but in such a way that the internal cable to the screen broke and apparently it's a costly repair. No biggie.

So, I'm looking for a new-to-me phone, and the Samsung Galaxy S 5 looks good for me -- higher CPU, RAM, and resolution versus the S III.

I want to play Pokemon Go, but yet I'd also like to use FreedomPop because the cost for another carrier's plan is so high for my minimal use. So, it seems that if I bought a refurbished device from eBay and use the FreedomPop BYOD SIM, then Pokemon Go will work?

I'm surprised at the range of "refurbished" phone prices. For seemingly the same refurbished S 5, Verizon charges $288, and FreedomPop and various eBay sellers charge around $140. (FreedomPop also has some that it calls "used" instead of "refurbished" for about $10 less -- any idea what the difference is?)

The next wrinkle is that the rest of my family has non-smart phones on Verizon. I suspect that in a year or so, they'll want to upgrade to a smart phone and it will make sense for us to have a data plan on the Verizon network, and then it would be nice if I could switch the phone over from FreedomPop/Sprint to Verizon. I did some reading, and there's just so much there that it's not clear to me if that is possible or not. It seems that both FreedomPop/Sprint and Verizon are both CDMA carriers, but then I don't understand how getting a SIM from FreedomPop would work since the SIM seems to be only for GSM networks.

So, I need some de-confusion there.

And I see that the G 5 comes in two relevant models, SM-G900V (Verizon) and SM-G900P (Sprint), along with 3 other US and 11 other international models. I assume that the FreedomPop SIM will work great in the Sprint model. But if the FreedomPop SIM is placed in the Verizon model, will it then work on the FreedomPop/Sprint network? Will it work the same or worse than if it were in a Sprint phone?

Furthermore, I think I need a fully unlocked device? I assume being locked to Verizon would be bad, but what if it were locked to Sprint?

Thank you for any advice that can be offered to me! There's so much here that I don't know!


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    @Taed Hi! Sorry to hear that your SIII broke. I'll be happy to assist you with your questions about our S5.

    We definitely support Pokemon Go on our network. Many of our customers enjoy functionality of Pokemon Go on their free plan, and we think FreedomPop would make a great match.

    FreedomPop and a lot of eBay sellers are selling refurbished devices, which are simply reconditioned phones into like new condition. You can buy what's known as "B-Stock" from FreedomPop as a "used" device. This may have some very light scratches on the housing but minimal usage if any.

    As you intend to move to Verizon in a year, I would strongly recommend purchasing a Verizon S5 Variant from eBay. As they are unlocked, you are able to use the FreedomPop GSM SIM Card on it while you're with us, then when you want to move to Verizon you can activate it onto their network.

    Unfortunately the Verizon S5 won't work on the Sprint network. However our GSM SIM Card actually uses AT&T and T-Mobile, which does work on their network. If you bought a Sprint phone, you can use our Sprint service but it will not work on Verizon.

    All Verizon phones are sold as factory unlocked. Unfortunately, Sprint ones aren't, so it may make switching hard.

    If this all sounds good to you, there's a special deal going on where you can buy SIM Cards for only 1¢. If you are interested, please click here to order!
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