SIM won't activate; says SIM LOCKED then Invalid SIM. Want to try a different SIM card.

ZThomasz9ZThomasz9 Posts: 1FreedomPop Newbie
Support helped me swap a replacement Sprint BYOD iPhone 5S onto my account over a month ago, to replace a 5S which quit working (got wet). I reused the Sprint SIM card from the wet phone, thought it would be fine; but 1.5 months later and 3 different Support Persons trying to help me, I still have no working Cellular service on my device. The SIM gives an error (about 5 minutes after turning on the phone) of SIM LOCKED, then says "Invalid SIM" in upper LH of phone screen. (I thought maybe the SIM ICCID was still associated with the dead wet phone and that's why it was saying SIM LOCKED -- but maybe it just got damaged or went bad.) I have two other Sprint SIM cards I can try in the device. Can someone help me try them? I don't want to try activating them and getting charged another $19.99 every time. Thanks!
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