Overdrive Pro VS Mifi 4082 Suggestions

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Apparently the Overdrive Pro is in backorder, and instead I received to Mifi 4082s. Freedompop suggest I keep the Mifi because of their following reasons: "It runs on the Sprint 4G WiMAX and 3G network, and has an estimated battery life three hours longer than the Overdrive Pro."

I just want to know what I'm missing out from the Overdrive if I decide to keep the Mifi instead. Freedompop chose FedEx to ship the packages instead of USPS and, because of that, took twice as long for them to get to me. I don't know if I want to wait again and waste the 2GB trial data.

Supposely, the Mifi offers better battery life and it's smaller in size.

The Overdrive Pro offers a bigger and more useful display, faster speed, and more device slots for connection.

I don't really care much about battery life, has it's mostly gonna be plugged inside my car.

Should I switch to the Overdrive Pro or keep the Mifi 4082? Is it worth losing the speed for better battery life?


  • Albert LeeAlbert Lee Posts: 2FreedomPop Newbie
    I also had my Overdrive Pro order replaced with a MiFi 4082 and can report my experiences.
    The consensus of reviews I've read is that the actual battery life of both devices is similar, as is the 3G/4G performance (the 4082 supports an optional external antenna though). The 4082's tiny display and single LED can be extremely confusing (is it rebooting, charging, or on standby?), a problem the Overdrive Pro clearly doesn't have.

    For car use, the 4082 can turn off when idle, which is great because I leave mine in the car without manually powering it on and off. Both devices will go into standby when idle, but that eventually drains the battery if it's not charging.

    However, I noticed the 4082 has a particularly annoying bug where the wifi (yes, wifi, not 3G/4G) stops working sometimes when driving around and needs a full reboot. Someone else hit this problem: https://forums.freedompop.com/discussion/339/devices-disconnect-when-driving-around-not-a-problem-when-i-stay-at-home
    Apparently the "open" wifi mode is not affected, though it's not an ideal solution.
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