premium 500mb for $10.99 not avialable?

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I have Premium 500 for $10.99 on one of my phones, but it doesn't show up in the list of available plans for one of my other phones. There is only the free service, and then a jump to Premium 1gb for $19.99. I want to use the unlimited talk and text with the Premium 500gb. Any idea why it doesn't show as an available plan option?


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    I have 15 devices and each is slightly different from another. I think they list the top poplular ones all the time and a random selection of a few of the less popular. They should just list all you're allowed to subscribe.

    Anyway an admin here should drop in and assist getting you that Plan set for your device. Their day just started 40 min ago. So plenty day for them to possibly get you taken care of also.
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