How Fast Is The Throttled 3G Speed For The Unlimited Everything Plan?

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I am hoping that a staff member from FreedomPop will be able to shed light on the exact speeds (in terms of either kbps [kiloBITs per second] or mbps [megaBITs per second]) a user can expect to experience on an Unlimited Everything Plan once the 1GB of 4G LTE speeds are used up.

I'm asking because T-Mobile limits their "unlimited" throttled plans to "2G" speeds that are about 85 kilobits per second which greatly limits what you can do with the phone without being tempted to chuck it into the wall in frustration (though I prefer this over expensive overages or cut-off connections altogether).

Also, could someone clarify for me whether a phone that has reached the 1GB limit will be kicked off an 4G LTE connection onto an 3G EV-DO connection or will they staay on 4G LTE but be limited to "3G speeds"? (I'm guessing/hoping for the latter)

Finally, does anyone know if tethering will be available on the free 500MB plan for LTE phone users or will it only be available on the $20 Unlimited Everything Plan?

Thank you so much to anyone that can answer these questions. (Apologies if this was already answered as I was unable to find these answers)


  • Steven SuSteven Su Posts: 0FreedomPop Newbie
    Sorry. Someone from FreedomPop had already replied but it was accidentally sent to my spam folder. Since I can't delete this post, I'll post their response here in case someone else has these questions.

    According to Dave (FreedomPop Customer Support):
    1. 3G speeds can pick up to 3.1Mbps with an average speed range between 0.5 to 1.5 Mbps. Speeds can vary based on location.

    2.Tethering falls into the unlimited plan after you go over the 1GB limit, data speeds slow down to 3G.

    3. If you reach the 1GB limit, the antenna will continue to connect onto Sprint's LTE towers but speeds will be throttled with 3G.
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