Why does it show MB used when my hub burst was powered off? Why it show more than 600 MB used when I

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used when I used only one I-pad for 10 minutes conference call? I have called FreedomPop a few times and was put on hold for over 30 minutes each time without able to talk to any real person. Can someone from the data usage department look into this? Thank you.


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    @johnwong‌ - There is up to a 3 hour delay in data reporting from when you used the data to when it registers on your account. Sorry for the confusion.
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    My question was I did not use my hub burst for a 24 hour period and the usage chart shown 322 MB used 2 hours before I turned on my hub burst.

    My hub burst was turned off for more than 90 hours recently. I have recorded the cut off time usage and the restart time usage, I noticed a 613 MB used for a 10 minutes Face Time conference call. This seems excessive. Something was wrong. Can someone look into this and make correction? Thank you.

    I like to suggest FreedomPop that someone should pick up and answer the phone within 10 minutes. I have many bad experiences with FreedomPop answering service in the last 4 months. I was on hold for about 30 minutes to 50 minutes and could not speak to a real person. I could not use my FreedomPop internet service for a couple of times recently and the problem did not get fixed until almost 3 weeks later because I was on hold for a long time and still could not talk to anyone.
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