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Over the past year plus I have had 2 types of service from FP and have never really been able to get a clear 'written' detail of what the wireless data plan includes. Recently I upgrade to a new device and plan (4GB Premier) - and was under the impression that based on reading the website that the plan was already at the 'highest' - throughput for the device - however there was never a clear indication of this. So I opted to add the 'Premier' service - on top of an already designated 'premier' plan. If the 4GB Premier plan already includes the highest throughput rate (which is all I was really after) - why would I need the 'Premier Service' on top of the plan itself?

How do I get the "EXACT" and specific details of the actual 'wireless data' plan?


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    @gerald norman You do not need to add the premier service on top, it is just designed for people who want to get extra services on top of what they already have. You already have premier services included, so you shouldn't need to select more stuff that you do not need.
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    thanks for the information Ali. I still do not have a clear understanding of the plan / options. if I understand the plan properly then I should already have the highest speed available (3 meg) - without having to pay for the "Premier" option. However that has not been my experience. Primarily I have asked for a "CLEAR" definition of the plan (spell out the details) and the additional "Add On" - services. there is no place that I have found int he site to get the "EXACT" details of each plan - as a consumer I want to know "Exactly" what I'm paying for. Does this make sense?
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