When Using Wi-Fi, Evo 4G Sometimes Does Not Ring on an Incoming Call

JWPJWP Posts: 3FreedomPop Newbie
I have noticed (for many months) that sometimes my Evo 4G does not ring when someone tries to call me when I have my Evo 4G connected to Wi-Fi. Since my phone did not ring, I do not know that the person has called and the calling person eventually reaches my voice mail and leaves a message. Afterward I get the usual notification message that I have voice mail. I then check my voice mail and call that person back.

Failure to ring has occurred sporadically--sometimes my Evo 4G rings just fine and other times not. I have also noticed that this failure to ring (when I am connected to Wi-Fi) happens when the calling person originates a call from a land line phone, or when they originate the call from the AT&T cell network, or when they originate the call from the T-Mobile cell network.

I have the latest FreedomPop Messaging App installed (version, but as I said above, this "no ring" problem has occurred on earlier versions of the Messaging App. Maybe FreedomPop has more work to do to improve the Messaging App.

Please let me know if you have had this problem. Thanks. JWP.
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