FreedomPop 101: Swapping, Upgrading or Replacing your Phone/Sim/Device or Phone number

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I have been asked this a few times, and figured I would create a How to. How do I swap my FreedomPop device, upgrade or just the number? Its as simple as 1-2-3-4! :)

(1) - Find the Phone or Device you want to use and make sure that it qualifies for FreedomPop.

Here are the Basic Guidelines for all Devices, please pay close attention to GSM sim, or CDMA BYOD. Any phone used in a swap, must be activated or FreedomPop Branded before a swap can be done. You have to activate your CDMA BYOD phone using a new email address before a swap can be done.

With the CDMA BYOD program, you provide a sim, and than activate here-

With a GSM sim "Domestic or Global", you purchase the sim like you would a basic FreedomPop device. Than use the sim in your phone. GSM and CDMA are not cross compatible.

GSM Sim (Cost is based on Current Sim cost)-

FreedomPop recently partnered with a company to give us the ability to use GSM unlocked phones with FreedomPop. With the GSM program, you purchase and activate “activation at time of purchase”. Once you click activate, you will be redirect to pick a phone number. Once the sim ships and you get it in the mail, follow the instructions in the package to activate the sim on the phone. Here are the Requirements for GSM Unlocked phones-

Must be a GSM Unlocked Android or IPhone (normally T-Mobile or AT&T), CDMA will not work.

Android 4.0 or iPhone with iOS 7 or higher. "BlackBerry OS & Windows “phone" OS-Not Compatible with FreedomPop Messaging app"(Can use other VOIP apps if needed)

Must accept a Mini-SIM, Micro-SIM, or Nano-SIM Card

Each sim comes with FreedomPop's Basic Special Rate and Plans;

It comes with a 30 day Free Trial of Unlimited Talk & Text and 1gb Data plan, the cost after the 30 day Trial is over is 19.99$. It also comes with an (Sometimes Optional) 30 day Free Trial of Premium Plus Packages (see link), the Cost after the 30 day trial is over is 7.99$. Both plans combined are 27.98$ a month after the 30 day trial expires.

Premium Plus package>>

This is currently the only way to purchase. FreedomPop is a No Contract Company and you can downgrade, upgrade or cancel at any time with no penalties. You could downgrade to the free plan before the Trial offer expire so you are not charged $27.98. The Free plan is 500 text, 200 voice and 200mbs data each month for the life of the Sim. (I have complete step by step instructions I created to help just to downgrade to the 100% free plan).

This has Great Step-by-Step instructions on Downgrading your account to the” Basic Free Plan, or 100% Free” and how to “Verify the Downgrade”. This has how to downgrade” Regular Plans”, and how to downgrade the “VAS Service Plans” (Value Added Service, that get missed on occasion). It also has how to turn “Auto top up off”-

The Free Plan is the default plan when downgrading your account. There is no other way to pick this plan. Once downgraded, you will be on the Free Plan by Default. This will also show you how to get another “500 mbs” each month, from adding “Freedom Friends”.

Once you purchase a sim, the account is on the sim. The sim is used to give you FreedomPop Service. The Unlocked GSM phone will have no ties to the account, except through the app once downloaded. You Can not BYOD a unlocked GSM phone, or use that system to check compatibility. So all account info and phone number is tied to the GSM sim you just purchased. You can use that one GSM sim in any unlocked phone. (Example: I have an unlocked GSM Iphone, and a Unlocked GSM Nexus 5. I can take my pick and place the sim in the phone I want to use for the day. As long as the APN is set)(I just pull the GSM sim out of one phone and place in the next.)

Note:-:(Make sure you do not activate, or purchase till you read step 2)


CDMA BYOD (Cost is 19.99)-

The CDMA Program is the Standard Program that FreedomPop uses. The FreedomPop Branded phones are CDMA Sprint based also. This program is based on Sprint Coverage, and has a few requirements and guidelines-

Must be a Sprint network (CDMA) not (GSM) phone.

Must be Deactivated 48 hours or more (before you "test" or "activate").

Android 4.0 or iPhone with iOS 7 or higher. (Can use other VOIP apps if needed)

Phone cannot be Virgin Mobile, Boost, or Sprint Prepaid phones used less than a year or ""12 months"".

Phone cannot have a balance on the account it came from. Must have a 0$ Balance at Sprint at the Time it was deactivated.

""New phones"" most likely will not work with BYOD.

Must have a Sprint SIM, or Sprint imbedded sim,

To check sim use this link-

You can purchase Sims on EBay, or your local Sprint Store might have them. Best Buy also sells sim; But Best Buy can be a little pricey. If your phone is coming from Sprint or another Sprint MNVO, chances are you will have a sim that works on FreedomPop, already to go. MNVO Examples: Virgin Mobile, Ringto or Boost Mobile to name a few.

To Activate a BYOD Device use this link-

Check the phone that you want to bring to FreedomPop. You have to activate your CDMA BYOD phone using a new email address before a swap can be done. This is currently the only way to put a BYOD on the Server for a swap. BYOD and GSM sim or devices are not cross compatible. Only phones that meet the CDMA guidelines can use the BYOD program. GSM phone have to purchase and use a sim.

Note:-:(Make sure you do not activate, or purchase till you read step 2)

Check your Coverage-

Currently, FreedomPop has no Coverage map for the GSM Sim. Other members have been using this one to check-

Make sure to click ("Data")

Here is the Current Coverage map for the Sprint CDMA Program or FreedomPop Branded phones-

Plan Cost and Value added Service pans, you can downgrade, upgrade to with no penalties at any time after activation-


Basic FreedomPop Branded Phones-

You can also purchase any of the phones from FreedomPop at the FreedomPop shop here-

Or one of FreedomPop's Retailers-

Note:-:(Make sure you do not activate, or purchase till you read step 2)

(2) - Activate (BYOD) or Purchase GSM/FreedomPop Phone using a New Email Address.

FreedomPop only allows one phone per email. Some SKU will still allow multiples. FreedomPop is real strange when it comes to the Phone accounts. They only like one phone on one email at a time. They use to allow more than one phone on each email, till we started to get comparability issues. We was having phone numbers showing on the wrong phone or one phone would suspend because of data/voice and text outage causing both to suspend. FreedomPop than just stopped, and made it to where the account won’t even activate when using the same email. Sometimes it might tell you the email is already in use.

When purchasing a new FreedomPop GSM Sim or Phone, you will need to log out of your current account. Than use a new email when browsing and purchasing. Once you purchase, you can still use the same address, name CC info and home address. The only thing that changes is the email.

If you purchase from a Retailer of FreedomPop, do not attempt to activate. No Activation required on this type of swap.

(3) - Contact FreedomPop Customer Support or an Admin after you activate the BYOD Phone, or You get the New FreedomPop GSM Sim or Phone in the mail.

If you purchased from a Retailer of FreedomPop. You just need to contact and give the MEID or ESN to the Customer Service agent. No activation required with a new email. They'll swap the new device in place of the old phone. The old phone would be deactivated. It is a lot simpler this way.

With a FreedomPop Sim or Phone purchased directly from FreedomPop. You will only need the emails from both accounts. After the swap, FreedomPop will cancel the Temp account per your request.

This is the same if you have multiple accounts, and you want to keep both accounts, but swap the numbers. Just have the emails ready when you contact FreedomPop.

Note:-: When swapping FreedomPop to FreedomPop numbers, you can not use the porting system located in your account online.

Note:-:There is NO CHARGE to Swap or Upgrade a device. On Occasions depending on the situation, you can sometimes get the BYOD $19.99 fee reversed after the swap. There is no Charge to swap phone numbers as long as both are FreedomPop Accounts.

Note:-: Only the phone number can be swapped when you upgrade from a CDMA to a GSM device/Sim, or Vise Versa. The Plans used on both CDMA or GSM are not cross compatible. On Occasions, you can sometimes get roll over data transferred along with the number on a CDMA to a GSM device/Sim, or Vise Versa swap. Plans are the only part that can not be swapped

(4) - Create a NEW Discussion on the Swap needed(If using the forum for help/swap).

Make sure if you are looking for help on the forum to Create a NEW Discussion when you are ready for a swap. Adding to an older discussion, and the comment may get lost. Sometimes the older Discussions are hardly looked at. Create a New Discussion when you are ready to swap.

Tap this link (New Discussion)

(OR)Tap this link-Recent Discussions

Than the button (New Discussions).(see Pic)

on the Drop down click (New Discussion),

Than on your New Discussion Post, pick (Device Swap) as the Category. Create a Title and than explain what you need.

Leave out any personal info. Normally an admin or myself will pick up the discussion and send you a PM asking for that info.

Note:-: You can also Contact FreedomPop using the Phone System if you have a Paid Account or a VIP membership. You can use Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to contact support for the swap also.


(1) - Find the Phone or Device you want to use and make sure that it qualifies for FreedomPop.
--Check your CDMA or GSM phone with the Guidelines mentioned above in the post.
--FreedomPop Branded Devices are 100% ready for the swap, activated or not.
--FreedomPop number to FreedomPop number is also 100% ready for the Free swap(number only)

(2) - Activate (BYOD) or Purchase GSM/FreedomPop Phone using a New Email Address.
--With the BYOD or New Phone/Sim purchased from FreedomPop, make sure you use a new email account when purchasing/activating.
--If you Purchase a FreedomPop Phone/Sim from one of the retailers, there is no need to activate.(phone/sim already on the server)

(3 )- Contact FreedomPop Customer Support or an Admin after you activate the BYOD Phone, or You get the New FreedomPop GSM Sim or Phone in the mail.
--Make sure you have all info ready. Email Address if activated or MEID/ESN/IMEI if purchased from a retailer. Will Need email address from the old account.
--FreedomPop Number to number swap, just need the email address.

(4) - Create a NEW Discussion on the Swap needed.(If using the forum for the swap/help)
--Make sure to create a NEW Thread.
--Piggy backing an older thread may delay the help you get.(sometimes these are lost with older post)

Cost to BYOD a CDMA device is $19.99 "sometimes refundable"

Cost of the GSM (domestic or global) Sim is based on the Special "Average cost is $.99-$14.99"

Cost to do a Swap or (Upgrade to swap) is FREE! (No Charge to swap devices if they are already on FreedomPop account)

Cost to do a Swap with FreedomPop numbers on FreedomPop Accounts is Free!

Great Tips and Trick, User Guides and How to's in my Signature-(Take a Peek)

Hope you find any post I have created helpful. Please look for my How to-s(Downgrading-100% Free) and (How to use the FreedomPop Community), or my Guides on FreedomPop Devices(Phones) and (Hotspots). Here is one on (FreedomPop Plans). Here is one on all (FreedomPop Apps). He is one on(Traveling with your GSM Global Sim?) or Common Question about the (GSM Global Sim). You can PM me anytime by clicking this link here njfulwider5. Than click the BUTTON with the (Small Envelope), to left of the word (MESSAGE). I will do my best help. Welcome to FreedomPop

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