HTC Desire 510

pjapmapjapma Posts: 1FreedomPop Newbie
Purchased a brand new freedom pop HTC desire 510 last year.
Purchased a sim card not the global 2 weeks ago.
Put into phone.
Keeps downloading apps and is running out of data, when I had downloaded freedompop messaging,sim
Reset my phone 3 times!!
Each time I had to set up a new a/c.
Downgraded to a free, 500mb 200 mins calls 500 txt because it has been two weeks since I can use it and don't want to be charged that extra money they like to add onto.
Phone keeps saying invalid sim card!!!! Sim/UICC is invalid???
NO PHONE, no service and no help from the freedompop, because now I have to only use support by a ticket, which takes 24-36 hrs. They have been no help but just say here is the incident #.
I have no knowledge of phones and am ready to throw it out the window.
Can anyone PLEASE help!!!


  • ims298ims298 Posts: 5FreedomPop Newbie
    HTC Desire 510 from FreedomPop is CDMA/LTE which is like what Sprint uses. If you buy the sim card, I hope it's not a GSM sim card. That might be why it's "invalid"
  • mvans1117mvans1117 Posts: 16FreedomPop Newbie
    The HTC Desire that I am using was an older one that I had to go back to when the new phone purchased from FreedomPop just stopped working. I constantly get messades that storage is full or near full. I HAVE NOTHING ON THE PHONE TO REMOVE. Caps Intended! I have not been able to call out or receive calls for over a month. Even on WIFI! I can text but only on WIFI. I cannot seem to get any help in fixing this.
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