Issue with Global Sim/Freedompop App/Iphone 5

I have my phone all set up and works great on WiFi. However when on the 3g data. I can receive and send texts and receive phone calls. However when I try to make a outgoing call in the Freedompop App on the cell data the call gets directed from the app to the native dialer which is followed by this call is not authorized. I've done everything including reset the phone to factory but end up with the same result. Was wonder if anyone has delt with simular issue. I opened a support call but haven't found a resolution. APN's and everything else are correct.


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    I had problems with both droid and ios phones. You're going to hate my answer.
    I uninstalled, did a restart/reload app, make sure you accept default settings and try again. If this does not work go into setting - app management - fp messaging - force stop. You should also check settings - phone - your number, and in mobile network - apn, only do freedompop for name and network.
    Check freedompop 101,
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    Ok, I think I may have found a simpler answer. I have 2 sims. 1 for a new number and one for a ported number. The new number does not work on either sim for going calls on when on the 3g data and does the same it opens the native app. However if i log on with my ported number into the app it works fine on either sims. I'm guessing there must be something wrong with the number in the freedompop system or the same number is assigned to both sims.
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    So I'm at a loss on what the issue is. Support says the number and sim are correct but it still does not allow outgoing calls on 3g. It still works fine on the ported number but that number is assigned to a differant sim so not sure why it works on both. I can only assume that maybe it's a bad phone number
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    I didn't know iPhones had a duel sim tray.
    Are you swapping cards or using a carrier sim and FP's at the same time? I have swapped FP's sims and its like a cloned phone, same # different sim. If you have 2 FP sim cards, one with a new # and a ported #, you may have to log out of one account and login to the other. Sometimes you can log out and do a restart and it will auto register.
    If you can, on a pc, check your homepage for verification of your new #.
    Also I hope your iPhone is a unlocked GSM phone.
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    It's a unlocked GSM phone and has only 1 sim which is the freedom pop one.
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    my iPhone didn't show my phone# in the setting - phone. I put it in and it registered, don't know what you have.
    Did you read njfulwider5's tutorial ?
    I diid a uninstall - restart - reinstall on my galaxy phone because it showed the same no.
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