Moto G4 Plus sim card not found error

EricZTE HwangEricZTE Hwang Posts: 3FreedomPop Newbie
I created a support ticket for this, but maybe someone here can help. This being a weekend probably can't get FP help until next week.

I brought my son's Moto G4 Plus to FP last weekend, got it activated with its MEID and ICCID. Everything works great until last night when the phone shows Sim card not found. I restart the phone, the Sim card would be there for a while and after maybe 5 minutes it would show no sim card again. Anybody know what's going on? This Sim card is the correct size and fits snugly in its slot, and had been working in this phone for months.

This phone came from RingPlus. I cancelled that account earlier. I know RingPlus is moving all their phones to Ting around now. Is it possible that this MEID/ICCID is being activated by Ting?

Appreciate any help.


  • EricZTE HwangEricZTE Hwang Posts: 3FreedomPop Newbie
    Weirdest thing, the error stopped happening, now no more 'no sim card' issue. The phone was rebooted again, sent a text and the phone/service stays working for more than 24 hours. Hope it stays this way.
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