Bad Experience - Calls and Texts go through SOMETIMES

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We are having MAJOR issues with the reliability of the calls and texts so far, and there seems to be no way to get support. Both the texting and calling go through about half of the time, and the times when the voice connects there is a significant lag and some texts are delayed.

When making an outgoing call using the FreedomPop SIM card, the majority of the time the device says that the call failed almost immediately, but the receiving phone still sees the call and phone number through the caller ID; however, the receiving side will hear nothing when the call is answered, as the dialing phone has already ended on its side. Very rarely does it actually connect and both sides can communicate with one another.

When receiving a call using the FreedomPop SIM card, sometimes the dialing phone will hear the beeps indicating that the phone is ringing, but nothing happens on the receiving phone side. Other times it will connect, and both phones will appear to be connected, but there is no sound at all. The other scenario is that there is an actual connection between the phones, sometimes with a couple seconds of delay and other times just fine (little to no delay).

Texting is also unreliable, as sometimes the texting works on both sides and other times the phone with the FreedomPop SIM will list the message as sent, but it will never arrive at the receiving phone. Sometimes the FreedomPop SIM phone will not receive a text from our other phone, with that phone listing the text as being sent.

I've gone through and ran all of the diagnostics and they come up all green. I've reset the phone, force closed the app, dialed the soft and hard resets, checked all settings, etc. I've gone through and made intensive searches on the forums and other places online. The tickets I send take forever to get a response, and the response is usually a canned message that is related to the first buzzword it picks up.

All of these reliability issues are important! Imagine that someone has broken into your house, and you try to call for help. You may or may not actually connect to 911, and if you do you might not hear sounds. You are basically flipping a coin for your life at that point. If the calls cannot be 100% reliable, then the FreedomPop SIM is 0% useful in my mind.


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    So many different things wrong. Best to un-install the FreedomPop Messaging app. Power down the phone. wait a few seconds. Power up. Connect to WiFi. Position yourself for a good strong connection to WiFi. Now open google play and search "freedomPop" look for app named Messaging (if android) and install it. If you are an iPhone then iTunes likely to have only one app. Install it.
    It may work much nicer and what few problems left can be fixed with answers lots of us know here.
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