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F3 original ROM

Sanford  Mace Sanford Mace Posts: 11FreedomPop Newbie
edited March 2017 in LG Optimus F3 #1
My Optimus F3 had an unscheduled shutdown and restart.

On restart I had lost Wi-Fi and had damaged the SD card. I was able to recover the data off a SD card and put it onto a new card so I was able to restore the phone from a titanium backup.

However the phone no longer works on Wi-Fi. It will not turn on.

Is it possible to get a copy of the original ROM to see if that will repair the problem. Or if the original rom is not available does anyone have suggestions for a replacement one?

Just as an FYI I have a workaround for the lack of Wi-Fi. On my primary phone I have the paid for version of FoxFi tethering software. It has a Bluetooth Tether. I installed PDAtable and I am able to connect over the Bluetooth Link. I have to leave the F3 phone data connection active because there are some small pieces of data that do not work over a Bluetooth connection. But with this setup I am able to access the things I need to include the Play Store and internet websites. It is not fast but it does allow me to connect without using my data.
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