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FreedomPop Messaging App No Sound on Lenovo Mobile


Anyone got any clue why lenovo Mobiles (Android 5 & 6), no sound when phone internet is connected through a VPN connection. if it is on Mobile or Wifi data, app works perfectly normal as it should be. At the same time, Other devices such as Samsung, Huawei or HTC has no issues when repeatedly tested the same setup.

Lenovo: Android 6.1 (tested on Dual and Single sim) (5 different models)
Messaging Version !9.0.753.0222
Messaging setupp: Audio- opus 84kHz, PCMU 8kHz and network on Random ports and Calls on Send SIP INFO, Notification Listner InVo rate of 300sec

Checked on various setting resulted in no success!!!

Any suggesstion, please


  • neotheoneneotheone Posts: 12FreedomPop Newbie
    On a Nexus 5 it seems that I can call out and send text messages but cannot receive either with the VPN engaged. I am using OpenVPN Connect for the interface and Celo.net as my VPN server site. Even after turning the VPN off, I still must reboot the phone before normal operations (phone and text send/receive) begin to work again. So...I guess you can scratch OpenVPN Connect from your list if you haven't already. I am using a GSM phone over FreedomPop.
  • RaeosunshineRaeosunshine Posts: 1FreedomPop Newbie
    I have a BLU HD phone and am having the same trouble. No sounds​ for texts, voicemail and half the time it only vibrates when I get a call.
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