MiFi 5580 replaced MiFi 500 account issues

John SatterfieldJohn Satterfield Posts: 1FreedomPop Newbie
In August, 2016 I purchased a MiFi 500 from FreedomPop that was DOA with a bad battery. In December, FreedomPop offered to replace the unit with a MiFi 5580 instead of trying to replace the battery. I sent in the 500 and received a 5580 in early January. The unit initially worked, but, now, it will not connect to the network.

I get a link to "https://setuplte.freedompop.com/sprint/activatelte" which won't come up. But, in actuality, I believe this is an account issue at FreedomPop.

When I look at my account, I see the MiFi 500 unit on my account list, but not the 5580. So, I suspect that the replacement unit has not been automatically added to my account and the 500 automatically removed.

Who do I work with to fix this? I really want to use this hotspot!

Thank you!
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