Thank you for the prompt refund! Kudos Freedompop E-mail response team scores big win.

mysterylectricity7mysterylectricity7 Posts: 2FreedomPop Newbie
To make a long story short, I have three devices associated with my account: a phone I like to use and two SIMS I know not what to do with. Job 1 was to sign up for $7.99 premium package for the phone. When that was done I figured I'd provide valid credit card information for the 2 SIMS, just to clean things up.

WHAM! In addition to the $7.99 I meant to spend I was hit with a pair of $27.98 charges, one for each SIM, before I could even turn around and sign up for a free plan. I was a bit outraged. I was even more outraged when the outgoing message of their answering machine suggested I was no longer eligible for telephone support.

But here's the thing: I followed instructions, opened a ticket describing the situation in 100 words or less, and withing 72 hours I had both of the charges reversed. That's pretty good. A lot of companies make you wait for an act of Congress to issue a refund.

I'm not here to say FreedomPop scores %100 on business ethics, but I found that as long as I did some due diligence and kept a close eye on my bills, the staff at FreedomPop is open to a good argument, is empowered, and is willing to fix obvious mistakes quickly.

Pretty good for free.


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