sprint s5 BYOD pokemon go

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i've tried to read everything here, and called customer service. i still don't really have a yes or no answer. (she said it would work, but wasn't aware that pokemon was stopping people with rooted phones from playing as of a few months ago)
Pokemon go does not work with rooted FP phones, but FP supports pokemon go. phones purchased through FP come rooted. i get that.
does that mean that if i get a (BYOD) clean MEID sprint galaxy s5, i can activate it through FP (sim or whatever steps i need to do) and that will work with pokemon,
or does the ROM or sim or whatever FP needs to work on the phone make it so that the phone is consider rooted by pokemon, and therefore not work?
i understand it worked over the summer and then stopped working. someone made a similar post as this, but it sounded like they had to do some work with stuff i don't know anything about as far as using old operating systems/versions.


  • Joshua_SmithJoshua_Smith Posts: 5FreedomPop Newbie
    I have purchased multiple Nexus 5 phones from Freedompop and they all work with Pokemon GO. I havent seen any Freedompop phones that are "Rooted" You have to use the FP Messenger but that doesn't "Root" the phone. I had a Samsung S4 that was used from Sprint. I activated it on BYOD and it worked fine for Pokemon GO. An S5 should not have any issues with FP and Pokemon GO.
  • jisjis Posts: 8FreedomPop Newbie
    ok thanks. i'll try it out. do i need them to send a card for BYOD or will it just activate? i have to look in to overage, since for at least the first month i'm sure i'm going to go over data. lol
    thanks again
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    check your meid, after you can activate online or call.
  • jisjis Posts: 8FreedomPop Newbie
    i did this. i activated it. now i can't add an apn for freedompop. seems i have purchased the wrong phone or have some kind of software issue.
    i have started another thread since this one was about pokemon go, but will leave this here in case anyone has ideas.
    i did not get a sim since it is a sprint phone, but maybe i should have, or maybe this phone is locked, which i thought was supposed to have been. very confused.
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    no, sprint phones don't need a sim, and it has to be locked to sprint's network.
    the fp app is the messaging app, 3rd one down in the play store list, when you do a search, the bubble like icon.
    other members have complaints, don't know if it's the default gps or location setting.
  • jisjis Posts: 8FreedomPop Newbie
    Thank you trackball. in all the searching i did, i guess i got so caught up in the APN thing fixing my cellular data problem, i overlooked the fact that by not needing a SIM, i didn't need to change the APN.
    i was trying not to get the app, in case it messed with pokemon go for my son. as you mentioned, i needed the app for everything, including cellular. hopefully the app doesn't show as "rooting" the phone or some kind of third party software that will cause some issues with Niantic's cheat detection. so far so good, and the purpose of this thread was to see if it should be a problem, and was told otherwise, so hopefully i can move on.
    i do have something that says that ID will automatically reconnect or something, but i just clear that and it seems ok.
    thanks again for everyone's responses.
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