Blu R1 won't display network connection and having trouble leaving wifi

dishedishe Posts: 13FreedomPop Newbie
My Blu R1 seems to have difficulty with the global SIM card- I can't see if I'm connected or at what type (3G, H, H+, etc) like I can other phones. It works find with other sim cards. I think it is because of the roaming indicator (shows an R next to the signal bars, where I'd expect the network speed symbol to be).

I know the idea is to leave it roaming all the time when using here in the US, but is this normal behavior for this phone? I find it extremely frustrating especially after leaving wifi areas, to not even be able to tell if I have a data connection or not. It seems to only be the combo of Blu R1 and Freedompop, due to how they work. Perhaps other dual SIM phones do this too? Any workarounds?
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