NEW BOYD issue - no 4G LTE

chzhang21015chzhang21015 Posts: 8FreedomPop Newbie
Since there was no way to get 4G LTE signal on my MOTO G4, I replaced it with another handset. A Sprint LG G2, __originally__ bought from Freedompop. I have used that phone on Ringplus and Ting with no issue to get 4G LTE signal.

Once I signed up, I actually got 4G LTE signal WITHOUT providing the ICCID. However, after two days, the LTE signal died, I can only get stable 3G signal if I put the network mode as CDMA. If I choose "LTE/CDMA" or "global" mode, not only that I am not able to get LTE, also the 3G connection is extremely unstable/****. I got disconnected every 30 seconds-ish.

Needless to say that I have did all necessary
- update prl
- update profile
- carrier reset ##72786#
- full factory reset
- I even edited the apn.xml, and it still does not work.
- check with support about the ESN/ICCID, everything seems correct.

Not what else I can do? Any ideas?



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