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Always on "registering d'or push notifications"

Claude LevyClaude Levy Posts: 1FreedomPop Newbie
Hello. I'm not in the US for now. My freedompop phone, connected to the wifi, keeps today on trying registering" for push notifications". I have the same problem using a non freedompop phone over the wifi with the freedompop app. But using a web browser I can login to my account with no problem ans no message.
I think there's a problem on the network, as I tried to connect with a new free account and after choosing a phone number the app also keeps "registering for push notifications".
I've tried to contact the support, but I can't leave a message as I have a free plan.
Coule you please help me?


  • Jonny_DJonny_D Posts: 56FreedomPop Newbie
    Did you resolve this? Would like to know how if you did as I am currently having the same problem.
  • trackballtrackball Posts: 1,583FreedomPop Newbie ✭✭✭✭✭
    Are you using fp's global sim card ?
    Is the 'non fp ph.' a unlocked byod, it reads like you're carrying 2 phs. and with, maybe 3 ph#'s ?

    It is a network thing because you're not in the us. and the push is your ph trying to reg. and locate domestic service.

    But these are data phs. if you can use a browser, off wifi, you should reg a push and get your ph#.
    If you are trying to use fp's service on wi-fi but overseas, and not using a global sim, I can't answer.

    A global sim's apn is set to freedompop.foggmobile.com which, I thought, was international.

    Other than to say these stupid steps, I wouldn't know because I don't go international.
    Try to sync acct data in fp's hpage, test, or do a restart then test, and a 3rd fix is force stop/clear cache, in your ph's setting, look for apps or app management, open and only do force stop and clear cache, accept, wait then test.
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