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What’s the deal?
Get 4 Huawei Union LTE Smartphones ($29.99/phone) for the whole Family with FreedomPop’s exclusive Family Plan and enjoy a FREE one month Trial of our Unlimited Talk, Text with Shared 4GB plan + the first month’s access fees waived!

View the deal HERE.

Huawei Union LTE ($249.99 value)
Unlimited Talk, Text!
Shared 4GB Trial ($34.99/mo value)
Free First Month - 4 Line Access Fee ($20/mo value)
Free Shipping ($14.99 value)
Only, $29.99/phone!

Any monthly charge?
FreedomPop’s new family plan offers unprecedented cost savings each month starting with its basic free bundle and heavier data paid plans starting at just $15.

In your FreedomPop Family Plan you can have 2-10 Lines. You can stay connected for free and enjoy unlimited voice, calls and texts, plus up to FREE 1GB of shared data! There is a $5 Line-Fee per line. For more information regarding our Family Plan please check out the following Community post:

Can I keep my current phone number?
Yes, you can Port your existing phone number over to FreedomPop for a one-time charge of $9.99.

Does the Family Plan come with Premium Voice?

Yes! Premium Voice has been enabled on your account and you will now get crystal clear voice even when data network coverage is weak!

Can I add this to an existing account?
No, Family Plan devices are currently only eligible to remain on the account purchased with your Family account.

How do I get even more free data every month?
You can connect with other FreedomPop users through Freedom Friends (found on your account page) and earn up to an extra 500MB of extra data, every month for free! Check out this thread.

Have an Account or Billing Issue?
We encourage all our users to come to us first to see if we can explain any charge or resolve any billing issue before further escalation.

Customer Support:
You can contact us at or You can also get 24/7 help from our community experts here on our FreedomPop Forums
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