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Just got the SIM, 6 hours of trying to make it work, does NOT work

rogersbra1rogersbra1 Posts: 2FreedomPop Newbie
I have a Samsung Galaxy S5, insert the new SIM, power on, says INVALID SIM. search up the APN click + and put the info needed from the installation page. click Save, it says user restricted and cannot save anything. go out and back, it never saved it. AND the instruction does not say what to put in the other 2 fields that it wont let you leave until its got a number. At some point I saw instructions that say you must UNLOCK? the phone?

So its a Sprint phone right now, does it need to be unlocked or not? and, the unlock feature I saw you must pay some company $35 to get the code. That is not going to happen.

Another step said put some code with *#356234# in the dial pad? I click dial and it says you will be connected to an outside operator where you can buy a calling card?

Then there are no real working steps on how to set it up, no tech support? I would be so grateful to anyone who can help in the process to setup this phone, thanks
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