Can't make calls to previous FreedomPop number

ZagaZaga Posts: 2Unconfirmed, FreedomPop Newbie
Hi there, I had 2 FreedomPop sim cards but decided to port out one of them to a different network because of trouble calling and receiving calls. After 2 weeks of absolute nonsense by FreedomPop to issue a PAC number, giving all kind of excuses, finally I manage to get the PAC number and transferred to another network provider.
The problem now is that for some reason I can't call or send texts from the remaining FreedomPop sim to my transferred number in the other network although I can call other numbers without any problem.
I've called FreedomPop customer service and they said that they cannot give any support by phone because my remaining FreedomPop sim is on a basic plan: (


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