No LTE - Didn't ask for ICCID during sign-up.

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I recently activated a Sprint Moto E, however it will only connect to 3G after activation. Same phone worked on LTE with other Sprint MVNOs; in fact it does connect to LTE briefly during ##72786# carrier reset but returns to 3G once complete. Sprint LTE/3G signal is strong at my location. My understanding is that the ICCID is required for LTE connectivity, but it was not requested during registration. Also FP messaging app is the latest and synced.

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    Edit out your id.
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    You probably found this post -
    I'm trying to find a old post about the moto e bands, if I find it I'll forward to you.
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    Thanks trackball, but I don't think that applies to my issue. I know the phone works with Sprint LTE, however FP is only 3G. And it appears other recent FP (Sprint) users are also missing LTE.
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    Message njfulwider5, he could give you a tech. answer.
    But yes I've noticed since sprint dropped 4g and went to lte that a lot of Fp users are complaining. My usb and wimax hotspots are also getting only 3g, but my s3 and s4 get lte but spotty.
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