Amazon Prime phones supported

SharonPerpSharonPerp Posts: 9FreedomPop Newbie
This is all incredibly confusing. Some places I get the idea you can bring any device if you buy a FreedomPop Sim card to go with it. Other places, not so much.

Since I belong to Amazon Prime, I'd really like to get one of their phones, but they aren't listed in the post below. Still, I don't know how often that post is updated and if I can get around it by purchasing the proper sim card. And, of course, I can't get an EIN or whatever it is to verify the phone BEFORE I purchase it.

So, I'm looking at the Blu phone or maybe one of the Moto G models. Anyone know if I could make these work?



  • sadicosadico Posts: 23FreedomPop Newbie
    I was looking at those also, but they will only work once FP gets around to approving them which doesn't happen as quickly as most of us would like.
  • SharonPerpSharonPerp Posts: 9FreedomPop Newbie
    Just saw this - thanks for responding. I finally just gave up and bought the Google Nexus 5 here on FP. I think it will be fine once I get the # transferred over. I'm not a Prime shopaholic. :-)
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