How do I transfer phn # from old FP to new FP? SOLVED

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Nevermind...I contacted FP via a form on the support site and they actually got back to me the same day. Sounds like it's going to be quick and easy. So, if anyone is reading this who has the same question, save yourself the trouble and just submit a ticket. Just thought I'd edit this post since I don't see any way to delete it.

One reason I've bought my phones from FreedomPop rather than BYOD is it seems like that would be the simplest, quickest way to get them working. Well, if it is, I HATE to imagine what an ordeal it is to do it any other way. I've wasted hours on it already. I posted in another section and thought maybe it would be better to ask here.

I have two phones, both purchased directly from FreedomPop. The old one is a Moto E and the new one is an LG Google Nexus 5. Anyone know what I need to do to get my old phone number onto this new phone? After such a long wait just to receive the thing, I'm beyond frustrated not being able to use it. :-(

Thanks for any help...
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