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I enrolled in Freedompop and subsequently downgraded to the free plan (with a SIM card). It has been working well. I even made an international call with no problems.
After about 10 days I decided to install it on another phone, without getting a SIM card, just to use it over WiFi. When I registered it I used the same name and it automatically associated this service (with a new phone number) with my other (SIM) service. It picked up the particulars of my original plan with 3 differences:
1. Of course it gave me no cell data allowance - to be expected.
2. It gave me no international time.
3. It gave me a different end date for my service month, this time based on when I activated this second service.
So I now have two phones pointing to the same service with different end dates, one having international calling (100 minutes) the other does not.
What should I do, if anything. I do not expect to use either of these phones as my primary phone, so the free plan would be just fine for me.
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    After a few days my new number (on the second phone, without a SIM) disappeared and this second phone is also having the same phone number as the first. It appears that I can make an outgoing call on either one (the second of course only with WiFi), but the incoming calls go to the one with the SIM.
    The account info display is the same on both, service date etc, except of course the non-WiFi calling.
    What should I do, if anything. I am content with having just one phone number for the two phones and I expect that the second phone can only be used for outgoing calls and hopefully will not interfere with my use of the primary phone (with the SIM).
    I would appreciate any thoughts/comments on this.
    Thank you.
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    I wasn't even aware that what you did could be done. It's unorthodox, to say the least. To do similar, I use a google voice number with the app installed on multiple devices. I use hangouts, not the forwarding feature, but you may be interested in experimenting with forwarding, and telling the hangouts or google voice app of one phone to use your FP number. It sounds like you don't mind experimenting so you may be able to play around with this, with both the forwarding feature within google (though you would initially need a non VOIP number to get a GV number, you can add a forward to a FP number afterwards). I can't say what extent you may be able to run off these experiments because, again, what you've already done is new to me, and I use GSM sim cards exclusively, even on global CDMA devices. What I'm trying to understand is why you just don't get another account since it can pretty much be free, and call Android call forwarding may be able to get both to hit the same phone, and, plus, you'd be able to use the second even out of wifi.

    I will just say what I did to have similar as you is just use the data connection of FP to ring all my devices on a GV number. This way I don't need to worry about a phone charge, a ferret stealing it (this happens often) or whatever, I can just grab another and head out the door. I'm trying to understand the benefit you have other than having a backup phone on the same number if your main needs to be charged and you're within a hotspot. While that is definitely an advantage, it is not the greatest advantage that you could achieve if you ha even a second free account and used a non FP number to link devices that would feed off of FP data when not on wifi. The kink in my thinking is your International minutes ... that would definitely need the FP setup and number, as GV/Hangouts won't do that for free. If your other device that you said was activated (keep in mind I know nothing about activation, I only do GSM cards) is global and can accept GSM sim cards, then maybe even more possibilities open up. You're on the cutting edge of this whole thing already, so I don't imagine many people will have an awful lot of info to contribute to different possibilities. You're a pioneer. ;)
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    Thanks ramdxen for you comments/suggestion.
    I do have a GV/Hangout number, but you are right, it would not do what I wanted. Accomplishing what I did was somewhat of an error on my part. I did want another phone number for the second phone, but I made the mistake at registering it with the same email address as the first one. So it worked for a couple of weeks, but after that the second phone number disappeared from the second phone and it was replaced by the phone number of the first phone and the particulars (minutes, messages, billing cycle etc) became one and the same. It seems that my second phone number is gone from my system completely, although I suspect it is still assigned to me within FP.
    Actually I am quite happy with the way things turned and want to keep the status quo.
    Here is my setup: My primary phone (an Android) is GSM with a SIM (using TING, nothing to do with FP). My secondary phone (an iPhone 4S) has the SIM from FP, no other service. The primary phone has FP also installed and it now has the same phone number as the secondary phone, so I can make WiFi calls on it if I so desire without using my main service (however I cannot receive any calls using the FP number). I do not use any call forwarding, although you made me think that maybe I should.
    Where I could use some help is suggestions on adjusting my settings on the FP phone. People complain that the calls I make with WiFi seem to break up and the volume is very low on the other end. On my end they are perfect. I could find no documentation on what some of those mysterious parameters do/mean. I would appreciate it if you could point me in the right direction.
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    @Convert Thanks for the explanation, I do completely follow now. I know different emails are suggested to list devices/sims in different accounts because not doing so can create issues. It seems like you've hit such an issue, but you prefer it.. Let me hold off a moment and explain my take on what you've said. You sated your primary is GSM with a Ting sim card, yet has FP, so I'm thinking it's a different FP app and not the FP messaging app used for FP sims and devices. Just for clarity's sake, the normal FP app is called simply "Messaging" and another that you may be using is called "Text Free and Call Free" which gives a free "virtual number." Interesting setup. While an admin could separate one number to a different account, you prefer it this way, gotcha.

    Audio on the other end ... I've read about often having to do with signal strength, especially when comparing 3g and LTE sims on voip calls like FP. The strength of your wifi may or may not have anything to do with it. I don't know much about the apps at all, to be honest. But let's see what google says about audio issues in general (especially others hearing you).
    Has Ali suggests: to enable all codecs and set clock rate to 44.1kHz. A few posts later nj links to a guide on the messaging app. Although I don't believe you're using the messaging app, but a different FP one, it may have some similar settings. In general, If I were you my experiment would probably have me looking like an idiot holding the two phones to my ears with a call from your FP app to your Ting number. The slight delay in voip calls may give you an idea how different settings may effect the other person's volume of your voice to see which setting changes may work best for your situation. In any case, I find this intriguing, so my sincere thanks for your sharing the info. :-D
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    Correction to my previous note. The second phone number is alive and well. When I called from it the receiver of the call saw it as the caller id.
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