Reboot loop...MSL?

Yuuki NakayachiYuuki Nakayachi Posts: 2FreedomPop Newbie
After nearly 2.5 years of flawless performance my MiFi 500 has experienced this bug for the first time. The firmware was last updated on 12/31/2014 which is before I activated it, so I assume that Sprint has rolled out a new LTE frequency in my market area - which is urban but in the middle of nowhere.

I believe the "fix" was to play with the LTE bands and disable some of them, so I'm willing to try that but need the Sprint MSL # for that. FreedomPop support won't deal with me since I have a free account so I can't file a ticket (great). It's not listed in my account online.



  • SentientCouchSentientCouch Posts: 10FreedomPop Newbie
    Does anybody from Freedompop read these "support" forums or do we just pay for product and hope nothing goes wrong? One month since my request and nothing. Still running strong on 3G. Unfortunately, it's 3G on Sprint which means it's slightly faster than dialup.

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