Please help with debug my no LTE case, GS7 BYOD

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I have been battling with this no LTE case for this Galaxy S7, BYOD. This is the official US unlocked version, and works with Sprint (on their whitelist), furthermore, my wife has the same phone rocking LTE with FP right now (BYOD as well, so on sprint network), so it's compatible with FP's service.

My understanding for FP byod (based on previous exp) is that if the phone was activated on Sprint network before, the MEID and the ICCID info is stored together, so even if BYOD process only ask for MEID, as long as you have the previous activated SIM, the ICCID info get carried together, so you normally would have no problem getting LTE.

This Phone was never activated on Sprint before, so when I first activated it BYOD, so no previous SIM info, but I plugged in a compatible SIM that was activated on Sprint network before (with another MEID though). My initial activation had problem (red bar on my account summary), had to email customer service to add this ICCID. Phone passed the hands free activation and all. No problem using the fp apps, phone, sms, cellular network worked (only 3G).

I then started to do all kinds of reset trying to get LTE connection. I have done,
1.##72786# carrier reset
2. Restore APN setting to default, clear cache, reboot
3. Matching all the LTE related parameter with a known LTE connected phone (my wife's GS7)
4. factory reset
5.Deactivate and then reactivate the GS7 (by swapping devices between two fp accounts)

Now almost three months now, I'm still facing the same issue. FP customer service has been helpful doing the routine checks, but not beyond the suggestion of PRL update/reactivation. The final solution they offered was to deactivate the account and the activate the GS7 with another byod account. I did this just today, by swapping another device in this account, and then reactivate the GS7 to that account.

My very first concern is if the ICCID info has been accurate (not missing or mistaken a digit), but I asked them to verify this at least three times, nothing came back as error.

Compared to my wife's same GS7 with fp, my phone is rather slow to establish the 3G mobile data connection, for example, her phone would almost show LTE instaneously after a reboot, but my phone would be at least after a min to show the 3g icon.

Can someone share some insights on what else I could do? I just could not think of anything else from my phone side to do. A note worthy thing is, when I helped BYOD my wife's GS7, I was in the same boat of needing to add ICCID via customer service to pass HFA, and then all the reset to get the LTE. I actually wasn't able to get LTE connection by what I did, shut off the phone with 3G connection, but next morning I turned on the phone, LTE was there. Along with me, I saw multiple users who had similar no-LTE problem report they were getting LTE same day.

To fellow byod users who had no-LTE since April, has it been resolved for you?
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