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After a month of frustration I'm FINALLY able to make calls away from home. I was about 10 minutes from walking away from freedompop. I can do so by turning off WiFi. Unfortunately, I can't send texts. Does anyone know why?

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  • LeonardMLeonardM Posts: 16FreedomPop Newbie
    ramdxen, Thank you so much for your detailed and caring response. I'm 68 y/o and never had a smart phone so that may be part of the problem. However, I've tried to follow the instructions as best I can but sometimes the features on my phone which is a Motorola Moto E, are somewhat different. For example, in the example video you're told to make sure the mobile data button is checked. I don't appear to have such a button but it does say under mobile networks 'sprint only'. Under roaming settings it says 'CDMA Roaming settings'.
    Yes, I do have a CDMA phone that I purchased from FP and yes I am on the free plan although I was willing to pay for personal phone assistance which I tried to do this morning but told that it wasn't available for those on the free plan.
    I didn't know we were able to communicate with a PM but would be interested in doing so.
    Yes, I can make calls on wifi from home. In trying to make calls away from home I do get a message saying that I need to connect to a browser and a number similar to the one you gave shows up. I've tried tapping on it but nothing happens. I assumed it was the wifi for the business close to my location.
    The conclusion I'd come to is that the lack of wifi forced the phone to use cellular, as you said.
    Thank you once again for showing an interest in my problem and I appreciate it wether we are able to get it fixed or not.
  • Harry DemersHarry Demers Posts: 80FreedomPop Newbie
    The Moto-E FP is selling must be a different version, because
    my Moto-E from another MVNO clearly warns against using
    VoIP to the point of terminating service if VoIP is used !
    This might be more a Network thing than a device limitation,
    BUT it caught my eye right-off-the-bat .
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